Acts 2 w LOGO Capture

     What is our common commitment as the body of Christ at Fries Memorial Moravian Church? When we say that we “belong” to Covenant, what are we saying? This month, using Acts 2:42-47 as our guide, we will renew our Christian commitment though the Worship + 2 series whereby

     We are regularly giving God our Worship plus

  1.    We are growing spiritually at church in education or small groups and
  2.    We are serving others at church or in the community*

     First, we are serving God through regular worship. Church is not about us. Worship is not about “getting” but giving. “Regular” means that, at a minimum, we are participating in weekly worship more often than we are not. We gather to give God our undivided attention – to lift our gaze beyond ourselves and to focus on our Creator. We give God our praise. We give God the first fruits of our resources – our titles and offerings. We give God our joys and concerns in prayer. We give God our open hearts and open minds when the Word is read and the Gospel proclaimed. We give God our commitment to return to the world as renewed servants of Christ.

     Second, we are committed to Christian nurture – to be growing “in Christ.”  We are learning together through Sunday School, Bible Study, prayer, and/or fellowship. Our faith is a “use it or lose it” type dynamic. We are either growing TOWARD Christ through intentional faith development or we are drifting AWAY from Christ through neglect. We are choosing growth.

     Finally, we are serving others in Christ’s name in the church or in the community. It might be feeding the hungry, caring for the sick, singing in the choir, serving on a board,  or helping regularly with children or youth.

Our schedule of worship:

Sunday October 1  – Worship On A Regular Basis

Sunday October 8  –  Spiritual Growth (Study and Fellowship)

Sunday October 22  –  Serving Others

Sunday October 29  –  Commitment Sunday (including financial commitment)

        Our mission is to be loving and serving God as followers of Christ. Let’s renew our commit to do so this fall through our Worship + 2 series!

With Hope,

Pastor Jeff


*Worship+2 was developed by David Marcus, pastor at Christ Moravian Church in Winston-Salem.