Our Programs

Fellowship & Growth

Contact the church office for information on current programs.

Spiritual Life

  • Prayer Chain: The prayer chain is responsible for acting on and passing along requests for prayer. Contact the Church Office to submit a request.
  • Youth Camp: A Moravian summer tradition is camping at Laurel Ridge. The camping program is designed for four different age groups: Pre-Junior (grades 1-2), Junior (grades 3-5), Junior High (grades 6-8) and High School (grades 9-12). In addition, several youth and adult Mission Camps are conducted throughout the summer. Contact: Laurel Ridge website.

Bible Studies & Workshops

Throughout the year, we offer a variety of Bible studies and workshops. Refer to the Calendar for current offerings.

Fellowship Groups

  • Chicken Pie Group: Chicken pies are a Moravian tradition, and Fries has its own dedicated group of pie bakers that meets once per month. The pies are used for fundraisers and fellowship suppers. Contact: Virginia Crater.
  • Fries Fellowship: At Fries, the Women’s Fellowship has evolved into the Fries Fellowship, and is comprised of men, women and children. The Fries Fellowship organizes a variety of fellowship activities, such as meals and fundraisers, and trims the candles for our Christmas Eve Love Feast services. Contact: Margie Lamb.


  • Adult Choir: Our choir is always seeking new members and guest performers — no audition required! The choir meets on Thursdays from 7:00 – 8:00 in the Music Room (lower level). Contact: Michael Westmoreland.
  • Band: Like most Moravian churches, Fries has a traditional brass band that plays before special services and at the Easter Sunrise Service. If you don’t know how to play an instrument but would like to learn, the Moravian Church provides lessons free of charge and has an instrument-loan program. Contact: Cameron Snyder.

Volunteer Opportunities – Worship

If you would like to help with any of the following activities, please contact the church office (336-722-2847).

  • Band / Choir / Hand Chimes / Special Music
  • Children’s Music
  • Greeter
  • Lector / Lay Scripture Reader / Holy Week Reader
  • Nursery Attendant
  • Sacristan (prepare Holy Communion)
  • Service Recording
  • Sunday School Teacher
  • Usher

Volunteer Opportunities – Other

    • Community Events & Fundraisers: Throughout the year, we conduct a variety of events that are designed to engage our surrounding community or raise funds for church projects. Examples include chicken pie suppers, community band concerts, yard sales, etc. We are always looking for extra hands to help with all aspects of these functions — set-up, clean-up, execution, and promotion. Contact: Church Office (336-722-2847).
    • Lovefeast Servers: A Moravian tradition is the Lovefeast service, which is held several times throughout the year and two times on Christmas Eve. During the Lovefeast service, the congregation is served a mug of coffee and a Lovefeast bun. At Christmas Eve, candles are also served. We can always use extra servers to assist with these services. Contact for dieners (ladies who serve the Love Feast meal): Vickie Haga or Tommy McNulty. Contact for coffee carriers (men who assist the dieners): John H. Petree.
  • Office Help:

Assist with a variety of office tasks on an ongoing basis. Examples of tasks include folding bulletins and newsletters, straightening the sanctuary, posting hymn numbers, providing computer support, etc. Contact: Church Office (336-722-2847).