Highly Recommended Reading (And How to Get it Done)

Launch out into the deep! Try something new!

This post is about two things:

First, I am temporarily setting aside my reservations about Amazon taking over the world to recommend downloading the Kindle App for your phones and tablets, so that you can continue to read, learn and grow during this time of self-imposed isolation.

I bought a Kindle reading device more than a decade ago. I already had more books than space to shelve them, and started buying Kindle electronic editions primarily as a way of saving space and trees. I soon learned how valuable it was to carry a library in a single book, and made gifts of Kindle Readers to my father and several friends. I still buy more hardbacks and paperbacks than anyone ought to, but I have enjoyed my Kindle. It is a truly portable library with unlimited shelving and weighs less than a pound. However, nowadays, I am much more likely to read my Kindle books on my phone. My point is that a free Kindle reading app is available for your iPhone or Android, and you can also get Kindle apps for your tablet or computer. I suspect you can also download readers of other electronic format books, such as Barns & Noble and Apple Books. However, I don’t use them, and am not familiar with them. You can mention your favorites in the comments. I mention these electronic reader apps for devices you already own in the first part of this post, just in case you decide you want to read something I mention in the second part of the post. (Hit page 2 to continue.)

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Supercharge Your Bible Study

This is a good time to develop new Bible Study Habits. The isolation forces us to practice a daily Sabbath. We may be alone, but we can turn our thoughts to God.

There is no better way to do that that to read the Scriptures. No doubt you have done this for many years. Yet, I wonder how many of you have taken advantage of Electronic Texts to Supercharge your Bible Study.

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Take Time to Pray and Center

This is the first time in more than forty-years of ministry a church I was serving canceled services not just one Sunday, as for ice and snow, but two Sundays out. The Pandemic has everyone in a rightly cautious mood.

That is good. An abundance of cautious action now can change the outcome dramatically. According to an article in the New York Times, the Center of Disease Control has calculated various worse case scenarios in which between 160 and 214 million Americans might be infected with the Virus, yielding as many as 200,000 to 1.7 million deaths. Still more frightening, calculations based on these C.D.C. worse case scenarios suggested, 2.4 million to 21 million people in the U.S. could require hospitalization, potentially overwhelming the nation’s medical system, which has only about 925,000 beds, with fewer than one in ten of those beds designated for people who are critically ill.

The best way to bring those numbers way, way down is to to act quickly, before the virus spreads. We are assured that taking timely actions like people who are ill self-isolating, workers working from home where possible, closing schools, calling off sporting events and concerts, and cancelling church services and events, etc. can make a life-saving (and money saving) difference.

There are several things members of our church can do:

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Suspension of Worship Services and Gatherings

Out of an abundance of caution, Fries Memorial has decided to suspend worship services and other large gatherings until further notice. The PEC has strongly encouraged this decision with the health and well-being of our members and the wider community in mind.


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A full house came to hear Cameron Kent give his inspirational presentation, “Brushes with Greatness.”

Cameron Kent greeting many who came to hear his talk.

A tip of the hat goes to Meredith Green, Estelle Broadstreet, Margie Lamb, Tommie McNulty, Sharon Shaw, Beverly Revels, Kathleen Brady, and Peggy Carter for a wonderful meal.  Roger Faircloth made the coffee, and all the usual suspects (male and female) helped set up the fellowship hall. Everyone enjoyed Mr. Kent who, after his talk, agreed to talk to many of us individually, then shared our meal. One guest who asked to remain nameless commented on the meal, saying,  “This is better food than we had at my wedding.”  

Join us next week at 5:30 p.m. as we discuss the problem of homelessness in our nation and community.  

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