Bowling! 3.18.18

A great outing thanks to our “Young Jesus Peeps” Dream Team:)

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“Dream Teams” During Lent

God’s DREAM TEAMS are engaging in faithful discernment of action steps for innovative mission and ministry during our Lenten study. Teens and Adults work on Dream Teams. Child care provided each evening.

Thank You to the 5 teams: The Soul Tenders, Good Newsers, Gospel Livers, Young Jesus Peeps, and the Wineskinners!

All Ages: Join us on Wednesday nights during Lent.

5:30 pm Meal

6:30 pm Lenten Series:  God’s Dream (teams)




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Giving Up Inaction 4 Lent

Following the school shootings in Parkland, Florida we are using this hymn for worship on Sunday February 18th.

Capture Hymn Thoughts Prayers

Giving Up Inaction 4 Lent                                 

Fries Folks,

The violence and hostility so prevalent in our world call for action. The school shootings in Parkland Florida, violence against women, terrorism, chronic fueling of hostility, and the widespread abuse of power in our world all call for action. Let us see this Lenten season as a season of action.    

As followers of Jesus, we act as He acted:

  • We act through faithfulness to our baptism as “God’s beloved” community as Jesus lived faithfully to His baptism.
  • We commit ourselves to act through the disciplines of prayer and worship as Jesus did.
  • We commit ourselves to actively, and courageously, engage the powers and principalities that destroy life as Jesus did.   
  • We commit ourselves to act through servant ministry with the most vulnerable as Jesus did.
  • We commit ourselves to act as vessels for God’s peace and justice as Jesus did.
  • We commit ourselves to act by proclaiming, in word and deed, the Good News of God’s infinite love for all humanity revealed in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

This Lenten season, I invite us to give up any inaction that is fueled by cynicism and fatalism. I invite us to give up reactive finger-pointing and blaming that serves to distance ourselves from creative, courageous, and redemptive acts of faith. Below are some opportunities for faithful action with our Fries community this coming week.

As followers of Jesus, we are “more than conquerors.” In the face of evil, we proclaim Good News with our courageous acts of faithfulness.  Our Lamb has conquered. Let us follow Him!

With Hope,

Pastor Jeff


Sunday February 18th

9:30 am Christian Education

11:00 am   Worship with Holy Communion

Noon Parents, Youth meet over lunch (Respond to a ministry partnership offer)

7:20 pm Taize Prayer Service at Shallowford Presbyterian Church. (Link)


Wednesday February 21st

11 am Yoga led by Brandy Westmoreland

5:45 pm Light Lenten Meal

6:30 pm Lenten Series: Our 5 “Dream Teams” gather & develop creative action steps carrying through on priority initiatives as identified in our Faithful Future for Fries planning process.  (Link)

7:00 pm Christian Education Committee


Friday February 23rd

9:30 am – 2 pm    Leadership Focus workshop at Trinity Moravian Church


Saturday February 24th

9:00 am – 2:15 pm   Multiple leadership training workshops at Kernersville Moravian Church.

                Click here for workshop descriptions.  


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Fries Traveling To Shallowford Presbyterian

Taize Shallowford Capture

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Dream Teams are Taking Action

   All members are regular attenders are invited to join one of the following “Dream Teams”. The overview of the process is below the team descriptions.

400dpiLogo Faithful Future


                             “Dream Teams”  


      Bringing Our  Priority Ministry Dreams To Life


  1. The “Soul Tenders” are passionate about deepening our relationships with God, ourselves, and one another. Their dreams include growth in the areas of:

     Prayer      Worship       Music              Spiritual Formation            Bible Study

        Christian Education       Small Groups        Socials           Close-knit Fellowship


2.  The “Good Newsers”  are passionate about Christian witness and growing our membership. Their dreams include growth in the areas of:


                  Evangelism               Visitation          Assimilation of Visitors
3. The “Gospel Livers” are passionate about servant ministry in both words and deeds. They are energized to grow our membership and to address critical spiritual, emotional, and physical needs beyond our church family.    


                 Living the Gospel       Missions                Community Outreach


4.  The “Young Jesus Peeps” team is passionate about Christian faith development among children and teens. Their dreams include growth in the areas of:   

               Children’s activities      Christian Education for Children and Youth     VBS                      Nurture for Parents        Youth Service Projects/Mission Team    

Collaborating with Other Youth Groups           Regular Youth Activities  


5.  The “Wineskinners” are passionate about the ongoing sustainability of the church. Their dreams include attending to:


   Fiscal sustainability      Effective governance structure     Personnel

  Provincial Connections    Organizing For Creative Mission-based Ministry



Fries Memorial Moravian Church

Spring 2018


  • “Jumpstart” priority areas of ministry and missions as identified in

          our Faithful Future for Fries planning process.  

  • Generate innovation and creativity across all ministry and outreach efforts.
  • Deepen our dynamic faith, commitment, and a collaborative spirit.
  • Nurture respect for the diverse faith perspectives within our congregation and among those we serve.  
  • Fan the flames for an infectious enthusiasm and witness of God’s transforming effect on lives engaged in Christ’s service here and in our community.
  • Enjoy life-giving worship, ministry, and relationships that bring glory to God.



    1. A Faithful Future for Fries planning day identifying ministry priorities. (11/12/17)
    2. Joint Board selects top priorities (1/23/18)


  • Town Hall meeting with widespread participation; All individuals are asked to commit to one “Dream Team” of their choosing. (1/28/18)



     Next Steps:

  1. Teams identify several small, practical “next steps” by Easter Sunday (4/1/18).
  2. Teams begin implementing a creative ministry initiative by Pentecost (5/20/18).
    1. Each Dream Team to develop its’ own (creative) name, meeting schedule, priorities, and action steps based on team decision-making (collaborating with other teams and church boards as sensible). There are no pre-set agendas for teams. They create their own action steps as they have the vision and energy to implement them.
    2. Teams create brief monthly summaries of meetings and ministry activities.
    3. Teams share highlights of ministry initiatives in worship and newsletters.
  3. Beyond the life of the teams, the Joint Board will oversee sustaining any longer-term Dream Team initiatives.



  • Teams are envisioned as lasting 6-12 mo. with the option of extending.
  • If operating longer than 12 months, team members are given the option of recommitting to, or declining, longer service on that team.
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Christmas Eve Services

Services for December 24, 2017

11 am   Children’s Lovefeast Service

We invite you to join us as we share a simple meal, called a “Lovefeast.” Lovefeast services became a part of the Moravian worship tradition after a special outpouring of the Holy Spirit on August 13, 1727. During a service of worship on that day, many doctrinal disputes and personal hostilities were laid aside, and a new spirit of love and fellowship prevailed. A simple meal was brought into the sanctuary where all continued to worship. Today Moravians around the world continue to share the Lovefeast to celebrate significant occasions.

A Lovefeast service is primarily a music service designed to convey a thematic message. The hymns and music in a Christmas Lovefeast tell the story of our Savior’s birth. A special part of the Christmas Lovefeast is the candle service, during which beeswax candles, trimmed in a red paper skirt, are distributed. These candles remind us that Christ said, “I am the light of the world,” and “you are the light of the world—let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.”

At our Children’s Lovefeast, the youth and children of our congregation will lead the service. The Children’s Choir will sing, the youth will serve as Scripture reader, ushers and “dieners” (those who serve the lovefeast). Please join us for this beautiful and meaningful service. A nursery will be provided.


4 PM and 6:30 PM  Christmas Eve Lovefeast and Candle Services

O Come, all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant… as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior. We will offer with two Lovefeast and Candle Services on Christmas Eve. The first is at 4:00 and the second at 6:30. There will be a band prelude 30 minutes before each service. A nursery will be provided. Bring all of your family and friends. No one celebrates Christmas like the Moravians and especially like Fries Memorial!

Fries card Christmas Eve

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Our Servant Choir

Fries led a Moravian Lovefeast Dec 11th at Arbor Acres’ Strickland Place with the choir singing. It was surreal to have our pictures on their wall-sized screen. It was a new experience (with a learning curve) – a very meaningful evening. With commitments next week singing at the homeless overflow shelter and caroling for neighbors, this is truly a servant choir.

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