Our Staff

Please do not hesitate to contact the staff at Fries Memorial Moravian with any questions you may have about our church:

Rev. Joe Moore, Co-Pastor          336-540-4619           revjoemoore@gmail.com

Rev. Kelly Moore, Co-Pastor       336-540-4618          pastorkellymoore@gmail.com

Cameron Snyder, Band Director                                           csnyder@triad.rr.com

Julie Snyder, Children’s Choir Director                    juliesnyder@triad.rr.com

Michael Westmoreland, Music Director                   michaelwestmoreland@gmail.com

Kristi Whittington, Secretary                                                   frieschurch@gmail.com

Harmon Carson, Custodian


3 Responses to Our Staff

  1. susan holshouser says:

    I was raised at this church. Love it always. Hello to Catherine Thrift. I was Susan Hayes. Luther Swaim’s granddaughter. Lived on Bon Aire Avenue.

  2. Jack Crim says:

    Hello, Catherine! Jack Crim, choir director 1949.

  3. Susan holshouser susan swaim Hayes says:

    How is everyone? I remember Catherine thrift! I used to play with her boys randy and Paul. My mother was Sarah Hayes. I wanted to bece a transfer member or a visiting member. Miss my home church and the wonderful memories. Phone is 803 5472293 my email had underscore after susan

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