Virtual Christmas Eve Lovefeast and Candlelight Service

No Lovefeast Box from Fries? Make your own Lovefeast at Home.

The first Lovefeast was served in 1727. The Lovefeast is a simple meal shared in a spirit of reverence and joy that Christ is present in our lives. The actual food and drink may vary considerably; in the Caribbean you may drink tea, in Africa you may eat peanuts. In America the traditional Lovefeast consists of a sweetened bun and coffee – but it could be a cookie and juice as well. Those who serve the meal are called Dieners, which is German for “server.” For 270 years the Lovefeast has maintained its dignity and grace, and is used by quite a few other denominations to celebrate appropriate events.

Coffee     The coffee recipe at Fries starts with 10 gallons of water for 90 cups of coffee. To make Lovefeast coffee for your family at home you can use this recipe: Homemade Lovefeast Coffee

Or to make a cup just for yourself: 7 ounces of coffee add scant teaspoon of sugar and enough whole milk (or half and half) to give the coffee a light mocha color.

Bun      The Lovefeast meal is simple, and elaborate trappings are not needed. The usual food is a sweetened bun, sometimes placed on a paper napkin. Although any kind of pastry can be used.

Candle      Although the traditional beeswax candle with red trimming is used for the end of the Lovefeast service, any kind of candle you have at home will be appropriate. The lighted candles, representing Love, is a powerful symbol of the light Jesus brings to the world. Click here for a link to the Candle Trimming Tutorial.

Ode     Click here to access the program for Fries 2020 Virtual Lovefeast service: Lovefeast Ode

Watch the Service        Click here to access the Lovefeast Service (available after 10:00 a.m. on Christmas Eve): 2020 Lovefeast

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