Thoughts on August 13th

  • Following the revival of August 13, 1727, often called “the Moravian Pentecost,” the Renewed Church was a leader in the Protestant Missions Movement. When William Cary challenged British Baptist to world mission, he produced a copy of a periodical about Moravian missions and said, “See what these Moravians have done! Why can’t we do likewise?” ****
  • The Renewed Church was a leader in the ecumenical movement before there was an Ecumenical Movement. One of Count Zinzendorf’s biographers, A.J. Lewis, called him, “The Ecumenical Pioneer.” After the experience of August 13, 1727, Zinzendorf called upon members of the Renewed Church to focus on shared loyalty to Christ while accepting theological differences. Zinzendorf not only accepted diversity of thought among Moravians, he regarded theological differences among the denominations as part of God’s providence, insisting it served the variety of peoples’ inclinations and needs.
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