Wonderful Words of Life: The Series

The study of these words did indeed add immeasurably to my understanding of Scripture, words like faith, love, hope, forgiveness, and dozens more. Indeed, it was not long before my own list of words was longer than that of Mr. Kaltrider. Still, his idea held true, by studying and understanding these words, my study of the Bible was made richer by far. His little book had more than earned its place in my library and in my life.

Then, at the end of my own official ministry, when I closed up shop and emptied my desk into boxes, I somehow mislaid Mr. Kaltrider’s little gem. For a time, I was chargrin. Then it occurred to me that though I had mislaid the booklet, I had never mislaid the idea, “If you learn these words,” he said, “you will add immeasurably to your understanding of the Bible…”

And so I had. Still more, I knew from experience that by teaching these words to others, I had added immeasurably to their understanding of the Bible, too.

The Bible yields its treasures to those who study it with deliberation and purpose. However, even a diligent student needs the right tools. So, in the hopes of giving you the right tools, I have decided to pass along my own version of “the wonderful words of life.” I have kept the studies short. You can read them in five minutes and study them in ten. If you take the time to study these words, one word per week, you will enrich your own study of scripture, too.

So, I give you the wonderful words of life. I will try to keep a running list in this post, but you can always find them by searching this sight for “the wonderful words of life.”

Oh, one last things. Some of these words take the form of “the wonderful words of warning.” The word sin, sin, for instance, is not wonderful in itself, but it becomes wonderful if we heed warnings against it.

I hope you will enjoy this study, and I pray it will enrich your study of the Bible. I value your comments.

Worth Green, Th.M., D.Min.

Wonderful Words of Life







Wonderful Words of Warning


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