Communion in Your Car: 10:30 AM, Sunday the 31st

This Sunday we are having a “drive-in” communion from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM. Communicants are asked to bring their own B&W–bread & Welches, remember open containers of wine are not permitted in your car in North Carolina.

The service will be quite simple. Pull into the lower parking lot. When it is your turn, drive up to where I am standing. I will have a prayer with you, and conduct a short service, sharing the communion with you. After you have been served, drive out and find a parking place in front of the church if you wish to greet others from a safe social distance. Please bring a mask to wear when you exit you car. Of course, greeting friends from a safe social distance is optional. You may simply return to your home.

If you can’t come to the drive-by–or even if you can, don’t miss Fries at Five Worship on Zoom meeting. Email for an invite to the meeting. Don’t forget to pray for Fries daily, and if you have prayer request send them along to I know that you are praying for:

  • An end to the pandemic
  • Those who are ill
  • Those who have lost loved ones
  • Those who face financial hardship
  • That justice be done in the distribution of US bail-out funds
  • Those who are in harms way to serve the rest of us
  • Those who are hungry, anxious, and in fear of losing their homes
  • Forsyth Prison Ministries, including residents and workers
  • ….

Churches around the country are starting to reopen. We don’t know when Fries will worship in the church building again, but it is interesting to contemplate the possibilities.

I recently read an article about churches reopening in a state on the far side of the USA, but it is dealing with the same Covid-19 Pandemic we are. California Governor Gavin Newsom’s has modified his state’s stay at home order re churches:

The new guidelines for “places of worship and providers of religious services and cultural ceremonies” stipulate religious centers must limit attendance to 100 persons or 25% of the building’s capacity, whichever is lower. The guidelines recommend against:

...passing collection plates and baskets or sharing other communal religious objects, and urge worshipers to refrain from singing or performing group recitations because of the “increased likelihood for transmission from contaminated exhaled droplets.”

Naturally, worshipers are encouraged to wear mask, and maintain a six-foot distance between themselves and others. Obviously, social distancing is still the order of the day.

The source of the following is NPR.Org. If it is not on you radar, perhaps it should be. It is a very informative news source with free access.

Pastor Green

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