Weeping with Those Who Weep

The Pandemic is experienced in a variety of ways. It brings joy, risk, and sorrow, but not in equal measure to all.

Believe it or not, the pandemic does bring some joys. I have heard celebrities like Arod and JLO opine that they are grateful they have more time with their children than ever before. They are representative of a pretty large group. My son who has been working at home with his children for over a month told me the same thing. Contrast that with families with two or three or four or more small children, cooped up in a small space. There are moments of joy for them, too, but some parents, or so I hear, are struggling to keep things creative, or sane. Imagine what it has been like in Spain where children have been kept indoors for six weeks. Then there is the problem of childcare. A single parent has an essential job and needs the money, so they have to go to work. Or a couple, have essential jobs, and children who need them, and no access to child care. How are they coping? Then there is the risk factor. People like me are at higher risk because of our age and pre-existing conditions; but some of us can stay home, in relative safety, others can’t. (Please go to page 2 below.)

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