The Confession of 1535

The Moravian Confession of 1535 is worth our time. Its preface was written by none other than Doctor Martin Luther. It has been posted on-line by the Moravian Archives and can be found in its entirety here. This morning I had occasion to read the section on “Christ the Lord and Faith in Him.” I found it well stated, informative, and challenging. I though you might profit by it, too.

I am praying for you, our church, our city, our state, our nation, and our world. “O Lord, give us the victory over the Corvid 19 Virus, and give it quickly. Spare those who are already infected. Comfort those who have already suffered loss.”

Pastor Green

Article 6: Christ the Lord and Faith in Him

First of all, they teach that one should have a sure and firm faith about Christ the Lord, namely that He is by nature true God and at the same time is a human being, through whom all things were made in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible. John, calling Him the eternal Word, explains that God is light, and that the only-begotten Son dwells in the bosom of the Father, full of grace and truth [John 1:1, 4, 18, 14]. He says the same in the fifth chapter of his first epistle [1 John 5:20]: “He is the true God and eternal life.” And they teach in like manner concerning the works He did for our salvation: His incarnation and birth, His suffering, death, and burial, His resurrection and ascension into heaven, and His sitting at the right hand of the Father, whence He shall come to judge the living and the dead. Also, as the secrets of Scripture have it, good works proceed and come forth in us for salvation through the word and sacraments. (Please Go to page 2 below)

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