Ringing the Bell

Ringing the Bell. Click on the picture to see and hear the video.

Br. Monroe Bowles, Br. George Lamb, Sister Margie Lamb, and Sister Elayne Green gathered at a safe social distance to ring the Fries Memorial Moravian Church bell at 12:00 Noon on Easter Sunday. Each time the bell peals represents a prayer for those who have experienced loss, for those who are ill or infected, and for those who care for the ill and infected. We also pray for those who serve us at the risk of their own health and life: all doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, first responders, grocery clerks and cashiers, people working in essential businesses, truck drivers, mail carriers, delivery people, especially those who deliver cards and letters, packages, meals, and groceries. Of course we pray especially for those who are working to develop a vaccine for Corvid 19. Someday our human family will celebrate a victory over the Corona Virus. I pray that all those you hold dear will be present for the celebration. If they are not–if we are not, by faith we believe that there will be a better celebration in a better place.

We encourage members of our congregation to stay in touch using the telephone and the computer. We also encourage those of you who are social distancing to make good use of your time. Read. Watch good TV. Learn something new, maybe a new language? Take a little quiet time each day to center your life on the God and Father of the Risen Lord, Jesus Christ. May the One God who reveals God’s Self in the faces of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit bless you and keep you.

Pastor Green

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