This stone is used to mark an unused grave. The grave of Jesus was used, but it was not his final resting place, it was just a room for a transient.

The Rev. Chaz Snider, Chair of the Salem Congregation Board of Elders has sent along some helpful information for those who wish to follow the Salem Congregation services on Great Sabbath and Easter Morning.

The Great Sabbath Service will not be held on Saturday April 11th. There will be a rebroadcast of the 2019 service at 7:00 p.m. on April 11th at

The 248th Easter Sunrise Service will be live-streamed in its entirety from the Home Church sanctuary. The service begins at 6:00 a.m. Find it online at, or tune in via WSJS radio at 600 AM on your radio dial.

The Rev. Snider also notes that churches and youth groups are not responsible for cleaning and flowering graves they were assigned this year, and that Salem Congregation will not be providing pots, flowers, cleaner, or supplies on Saturday, April 11th. He says that if you want to clean family gravestones you must bring all your own supplies, and observe all guidance on remaining six feet apart from one another.

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