“Love is Stronger than Death” Quote

Again I recommend that you sign up for a daily email.at the Center for Action and Contemplation (CAC) Or you can read them here. They are written by Fr. Richard Rohr of the CAC, Brian McLaren of the Emerging Church movement, and others.

I particularly like two things from Fr. Rohr’s post this morning. This paragraph is worth remembering:

I believe the meaning of the Resurrection of Jesus is summed up in the climactic line from the Song of Songs, “love is stronger than death” (8:6). If the blank white banner that the Risen Christ usually holds in Christian art should say anything, it should say: “Love will win!” Love is all that remains. Love and life are finally the same thing, and we know that for ourselves once we have walked through death. 

I hope and pray that you and I don’t have to “walk though death” anytime soon. I am grateful that Jesus did “walk through death.” He went into the grave, and he came out again. That is good news, for he is “the first-born from the dead,” “the first-fruits of those who have fallen asleep.” In light of the present crisis, it is comforting for all of us to know that “love is stronger than death,” and “Love will win!”

May God protect you and those you love.

The Pastor

Note: I think I am okay to quote this. The usual limit, as I recall, is three sentences from any one section. At the very least, I am promoting the CAC.

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  1. K Landry says:

    I also appreciated the last line of Thor’s message today:

    All you have loved in your life and been loved by are eternal and true.

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