Highly Recommended Reading (And How to Get it Done)

Second, many of you were present for “The Introduction of the Enneagram” by Sandy Seeber. Sandy not only took us through the nine enneagram personality types, but talked about the Enneagram as a wonderful way to heighten our awareness of who we are who we are and how we function. Always with an eye to deepening our relationship with the God who loves us, with ourselves, and with our neighbors. You can’t study the Enneagram for long without running across the name of Father Richard Rohr the well known author of many powerful books and the founder of The Center for Action and Contemplation.

Did you get that, “Action” and “Contemplation”, with “Action” first? Is this contemplative trying to tell us something? I suspect he is. I have read enough of Rohr’s work to know that he is both broad and deep. He is a deeply and broadly Christian man, and he does not assume that his personal interpretation of things is always the best.

Anyway, I own a number of Richard Rohr’s books for kindle, and constantly refer to them. I thought some of you might enjoy them, too. So, here are links to three of my favorites.

First up is: The Enneagram: A Christian Perspective. This is for those of you who had your appetite sparked by Sandy’s presentation.

Then there is, From Wild Man to Wise Man: Reflections on Male Spirituality. This is for men who are struggling in our own skins, especially with who we are before God. It is especially relevant for younger men. Sorry ladies, there is no equivalent book for you by Fr. Rohr.

Finally, I would mention Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life. This book is particularly good for people (male and female) in the so-called 2nd half of life. It seeks to answer the question, “Okay, I have had my measure of success (or not) in the world, ‘What now?’” As we grow older, or as we face the possibility of our own mortality, it wonderfully heightens our senses before God. This book helps us to heighten our relationship even as we are dealing with those heightened senses.

Rohr has a number of other books you will like, including one on Old Testament introduction and another on the New Testament introduction. Do a search. If you have the Libby App on your phones (Let the Reader Understand), you may even be able to find a few via the public libraries of our state.


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