Highly Recommended Reading (And How to Get it Done)

Launch out into the deep! Try something new!

This post is about two things:

First, I am temporarily setting aside my reservations about Amazon taking over the world to recommend downloading the Kindle App for your phones and tablets, so that you can continue to read, learn and grow during this time of self-imposed isolation.

I bought a Kindle reading device more than a decade ago. I already had more books than space to shelve them, and started buying Kindle electronic editions primarily as a way of saving space and trees. I soon learned how valuable it was to carry a library in a single book, and made gifts of Kindle Readers to my father and several friends. I still buy more hardbacks and paperbacks than anyone ought to, but I have enjoyed my Kindle. It is a truly portable library with unlimited shelving and weighs less than a pound. However, nowadays, I am much more likely to read my Kindle books on my phone. My point is that a free Kindle reading app is available for your iPhone or Android, and you can also get Kindle apps for your tablet or computer. I suspect you can also download readers of other electronic format books, such as Barns & Noble and Apple Books. However, I don’t use them, and am not familiar with them. You can mention your favorites in the comments. I mention these electronic reader apps for devices you already own in the first part of this post, just in case you decide you want to read something I mention in the second part of the post. (Hit page 2 to continue.)

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