World Communion & Buckets of Supplies

Dear Fries Family,

         This Sunday, October 1, 2017,  in worship we celebrate Holy Communion as part of World Communion Day. This is remarkable timing because this Sunday we are also hosting the Salem Creek Friends Meeting (Quaker Church) which will be having

World Communion image

their silent (unprogrammed) worship in our library as we worship.* Please welcome our Quaker brothers and sisters warmly. This Sunday will be an ecumenical, truly Moravian, day!

       Fries is responding to the needs of recent hurricane victims is several ways. First, we have collected over $1,500 for relief work that is being distributed by Moravian Disaster Relief. This supports aid that partners with Moravian (and Unity of the Brethren) sister churches in Texas, Florida, and the Caribbean Islands. Updates from MDR can be located here.

      Secondly, we are doing some hands-on relief work by assembling buckets of cleaning supplies and/or hygiene kits to be distributed to hurricane victims through Church World Services (Sponsor of the annual CROP Walk to fight hunger). This is particularly good for families of groups to do together. A good number of FREE BUCKETS are CWS buckets Captureavailable in our Fellowship Hall. Lists of specific (new) supplies needed are available. Please fill up buckets and bring them to church on October 8th for a prayer of blessing during worship. On Monday October 9th, Pastor Jeff will take all donated supplies from partnering churches (Calvary, Ardmore, Christ and Fries) to a pick-up point in Richmond VA. They will be picked up there on October 15th for distribution to areas of urgent need. Please contact Heather Stevenson, Margie Lamb, or Pastor Jeff with questions.

With Hope,

Pastor Jeff

* October 1st and 8th are scheduled as two “trial runs” of this arrangement. If all goes well we will work out a covenant of agreement for an on-going arrangement that benefits both congregations. Here is a link to more information about the SCFM.


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