Discussion on Homosexuality 8/27 at 7 pm


“Biblical Aspects of Homosexuality” Video To Be Discussed

At Fries August 27th 7 pm. 

Fries will have a program addressing the church and homosexuality on Sunday evening August 27th at 7 pm in the Fellowship Hall. There will be a pot luck supper beforehand at 6 pm.  Greg Knouse will facilitate a discussion following a viewing of a video on “Biblical Aspects of Homosexuality.” The video features Moravian clergy Rev Margaret Leinbach and Rev Tim Sapp addressing varied ways that Christians apply scripture to an understanding of homosexuality today. The video is one of a series prepared by the Province’s Resolution 12 Steering Committee. Greg is on the Board of Elders at Fries and is also a member of the Provincial Resolution 12 Steering Committee.

The 2014 Provincial Synod passed Resolution 12: Study and Discernment Regarding Homosexuality  which called for a time of study, dialogue and discernment in our Province.  Resolution 12 called for the province to “provide leadership, resources, and a process for a conversation about homosexuality in the church that includes diverse viewpoints, and opportunities for open and honest discussion, study and discernment.”

Resources and updates about Provincial conversations can be found on the Provincial website (using this link). The video series can be found using this link.




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