A Sacred Day May 29 2017


A Sacred Day


There are holy moments that pierce the soul.

The birth of a baby.

The passing of a loved one.

One sacrificing their life for others.

These are tender moments – when the Great Purpose of life is unveiled.


Our reason for being on this earth is often forgotten amidst life’s countless distractions. Ironically, the living of life frequently clouds the purpose of life.


The WHY of life gets lost in the thickets of the DOING of life.


Thus, a day set apart to honor those who gave their lives in service to others is a holy day. In remembering their ultimate sacrifice, we are remembering our very purpose for living. For every human being the purpose for being on this earth is One Great Purpose.


We exist so that we might love and be loved.


All religions.

All families.

All nations.


We all share One Great Purpose.


We might call it many different things but the core commitment to care for others is shared throughout all human history.


It is our common soul-work.


We might live out that purpose well.

We might live it out poorly.


Regardless, we all know our common purpose when we see it lived out. These are the holy moments of our lives.


In such times, the sacred quality of life grabs our heart.


We remember this life purpose when we are present for the birth of any child. We all know to stand quietly when a casket, and grieving family, passes by during a memorial service. It is not the location of the birth nor the setting for a memorial service that makes such events sacred. It is their connection to our core life purpose that makes such moments






There are many men and women who sacrifice their lives for others. Most never wear a military uniform. They will never have a grateful nation stop and remember how their life was given for others. For those who have given the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the armed services, it is right and good to remember them with honor and gratitude.


This day is a sacred day.  It reminds us who we are. Why we are living.


To love and to be loved.


May it be so.






Jeff Coppage

Memorial Day 2017


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