“Learning The Art of Forgiveness” Day Retreats

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The Art of


Saturday March 25th  & Tuesday March 28, 2017

(Same program offered on both dates)

9 AM to 2 PM


  • Are you finding it difficult to “let go” of resentment?
  • How does one “detach with love”?
  • Are forgiveness and reconciliation the same thing?
  • Is it actually necessary to forgive? When is it safe to reconcile?


These questions are part and parcel of our existence as human beings living in a world saturated with resentment and anger. These one day retreats are led by Rev Jeff Coppage, Pastor of Fries Memorial Moravian Church. Jeff has extensive leadership experience in addictions recovery including care for families dealing with chronic addictions. The retreats, open to the public,  use material from Dr. Rob Voyle’s Appreciative Way approach to a life of Christian wholeness and various dimensions of forgiveness. A contribution of $10 is encouraged. A simple lunch, refreshments, and  retreat material will be provided.

Fries Memorial Moravian Church

251 N. Hawthorne Rd Winston-Salem, NC 27104

(336) 722-2847  frieschurchjeff@gmail.com


Please register for either day by using this link.

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