Holy Week at Fries Memorial Moravian Church


Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday, March 20. Our Morning Worship will include praying the Palm Sunday liturgy, the distribution of palm branches, and singing the Hosanna anthem. Our Holy Week Readings will be held in the Prayer Garden:

Palm Sunday March 20               7:00 Holy Week Lovefeast and Reading
Monday March 21                         7:00 Holy Week Reading Service
Tuesday March 22                        7:00 Holy Week Reading Service
Wednesday March 23                  7:00 Holy Week Reading Service
Maundy Thursday March 24      7:00 Holy Communion
Good Friday March 25                2:15 Crucifixion Service             7:00 Tenebrae Service

Then on Easter Sunday, we gather to proclaim the resurrection and our faith in the risen Lord at the 244th Easter Sunrise Service of the Salem Congregation. The service begins on Salem Square at 6:30 am. Our Morning Worship at Fries Memorial Moravian will begin at 11:00 am.

During the coming week, let us join together to strengthen and renew our faith in the crucified and risen Lord!

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