Wednesday Evening Fellowship Suppers

Preparing to Prepare

It’s almost here! It’s time to get ready… wait a minute… this is the beginning of November. Is it really “time to get ready”? Is it really “almost here”? Typically, when we talk in the church about a “time to prepare” we are talking about the season of Advent, which consists of the four weeks prior to Christmas. And they are indeed the time in which we prepare; we prepare for the coming of Jesus into the world, we prepare for the celebration of the birth of Christ, we prepare to receive the hope, peace, joy and love that he brings.
Advent begins on November 29. But we are not going to wait until then to begin our season of preparation. We are going to have a time in which we “prepare to prepare”. Each Wednesday between October 28 and November 18, we will have weekly fellowship suppers and studies (much like we do during the other season of preparation, Lent). The meals will begin at 5:45 and the study and discussion time will start at 6:30.

The topics for each week are:

Wednesday November 4- Peace: Being the Church in Prayer

Wednesday November 11- Joy: Being the Church in Praise

Wednesday November 18- Love: Being the Church in Service

This week will focus on how we join together in prayer as the people of God will be led by Carol Foltz. We will offer special activities for the school age kids and a nursery will be provided.

Let’s us join together as a church family in fellowship, sharing and learning as we “prepare to prepare”.

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