The Spiritual Renewal of the Moravian Church

After suffering almost 250 years of persecution, by 1722, the Moravian Church was almost completely extinct. The “hidden seed” that remained found refuge on the estate of a German nobleman, Count Zinzendorf. Though finally free to practice their religion, the Moravians could not stop arguing, among themselves and with others who sought refuge on the estate. Things had just about reached a breaking point when, on August 13 1727, during a service of Holy Communion, the gathered community felt the Holy Spirit moving and working among them in new ways. From this experience, they were able to put aside their differences and began to spread their love for Jesus around the world.
Today, August 13 is considered the “Moravian Pentecost” and we will be celebrating the rebirth and renewal of our denomination with a special service of Holy Communion and Confirmation. Please join us on Sunday August 16 as 4 young people confirm their faith and we all come to the communion table. The service begins at 11:00 and a reception will follow.

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