Third Sunday of Advent


This Sunday we celebrate the JOY that our Lord and Savior brings to us. As part of our worship service we will share our joy in a number of different ways. You can help by being ready and willing to join in one of the following opportunities:

~We will take our offerings of peace that we brought to church last week to the WS Overflow Shelter at Augsburg Lutheran and to Forsyth Jail and Prison Ministry on Cherry St. We need members of our church to go to both the shelter and the jail to help deliver our gifts. Only adults can go to the prison but all ages are welcome to go to the shelter.

~Christmas Caroling: We will be going around our neighborhood singing Christmas Carols and inviting our neighbors to join us for our Christmas services. We need people of all ages to help share the joy that Jesus brings to the world. Please be sure to dress for warmth and comfort if you are planning to join in the Christmas caroling.

~Candle Trimming: We still have about 100 candles that need to be trimmed for our Christmas Lovefeasts and Candle Services. We need people to stay at church and help get prepare this important part of our worship.

At 1:00, we will all return to the Fellowship Hall for lunch and the chance to share a little about what we have seen and done.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to seeing all of you in church on Sunday!

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