Fries Mission Camp and June Fries Forum

Next week is Mission Camp! And this year, instead of going to Laurel Ridge, we are doing mission camp right here in Winston-Salem. Our youth will be living at church from Sunday night through Wednesday and going out to their job site each day. The youth will be repairing a ceiling for an elderly couple. This couple came to us through Senior Services. Apparently, they hired a contractor to do the work but instead he took their money and walked off the job. Their ceiling has no drywall or insulation and they cannot enter their kitchen in cold weather. The husband has serious health problems and the wife is the caretaker. Through out work with them, we will share the love of Christ.
Each night, they will return to the church for supper. And this is where YOU come in. Please join us each evening for a fellowship supper. We want to have our young people be able to share their experience in mission service with you. We will also be welcoming speakers from different mission and outreach organizations in the community. On Monday evening, we will have James Caldwell come and share with us about the ministry of the Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest North Carolina. On Tuesday, we will have someone from The Children’s Home come and share with us about their ministry. And on Wednesday, Steve Green will come and share with us the story of the Annie B Mission and the Star Mountain Rehabilitation Center in Palestine. The Wednesday night meal and program will also be our Fries Forum for June. Each night meal will begin at 6:00 and the program will follow at 6:45.
Please plan to come each night and support our young people as the serve in mission!

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