Coming Soon- Fries Forum

The Christian Education Committee is sponsoring the Fries Forum. On the 3rd Wednesday of each month, we will share in fellowship and learning. We will begin with supper at 5:45 and then have our “forum” at 6:30. We will have someone (either a member of our church or a special guest) share their own knowledge and insights. Then there will be plenty of chances for us to ask questions and engage in meaningful discussion. The topics of the forum will be widely varied- just about anything you would like to have the chance to learn about and discuss. If you have a suggestion, please share it with Pastor Joe. The meals will work like our Lent meals. The cost of the meal will be $3.00 per person. If you are willing to provide the meal for one Wednesday, please let a member of the CE Committee know. The first Fries Forum will be May 22. Rev. Riddick Weber will share with us the connections between the Moravian Church and The Who. That’s right, the early Moravian Church and the legendary rock band The Who have some surprising things in common. So be sure to come to the Fries Forum on May 22 to learn all about it.

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